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This site is all about inspiration, motivation and encouragement.  I am a practicing Christian Counselor who specializes in Christian growth, marital relationships and pre-marital discovery.  I am also a Christian-focused motivational speaker.  I would love to come and fire up your group!  All of the pertinent information regarding those services can be found under the MaBraTa page.  MaBraTa is an acronym of sorts; the name celebrates the fact that I am the Mama of Braelon Tate.  It is awesome being his mother and it is a miracle that I can bask in the glow of motherhood. I’ll get to that in a future work of prose because I am also a writer.  For now, my Books page has just one book listed, but there will be more – I pray. The site also includes my Blog page – Regina’s Ruminations.  The page focuses on messages of inspiration and encouragement.  All of the blogs have Biblical Scripture as their foundation, and most of the blogs - since I love them and am the daughter of a sports writer - also carry verbal illustrations from sports.  The blog posts have no designated frequency, so check often for new ones. Lastly, there is Manage and Grow, to aid those who need help with asset management and wealth building. 


The main focus of my spot is to help people; to help those who are hurting, through my blogs or the book or reaching out to me for counseling, or by allowing me to help with your journey toward becoming a good steward of the gifts God has blessed you with. You can read more about me and my background under the About Regina page, but I will say here that God longs to heal what hurts, if we will allow Him.  My job, as His vessel, is to help point you toward His Word and to let you know how it can affect positive change in your life and circumstances. John 15:1-5 proclaims that God is the gardener, Jesus is the Vine, and I am one of many branches connected to the Vine, producing fruit for the Kingdom.  This is just the way that He infuses me to spread the Good News. I pray the site blesses you!



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